Five years ago we launched little sleepy head in Guernsey and Petersfield, Hampshire – the two places where our founders Sam and Stephen live – and then ran some competitions to help say thank you to the people who had helped us get off the ground (and them off to sleep).

So we thought you might like to see this cutting from the Petersfield Herald newspaper in 2005.


What’s amazing is that the tiny shop “Cute”, run by our friend Amy is now much bigger and the lady on the left, Sue Saxey is now the President of the National Childbirth Trust.

Sue’s a totally brilliant person and we’ve always been grateful for the support we gained from the NCT when our own children were born and the many NCT members and teachers who have bought the CD to help their babies sleep and then recommended it to others.

We sometimes receive requests to talk at NCT classes and groups and if we can get to you then we’re always delighted to do so – just drop us a line.