Every now and then we’re approached by parents of children with additional needs.

We’ve learned that children with cerebral palsy, autism, downs or global developmental delay can have severe problems with sleep and that masking white noise sounds like those on our CD can be very useful to them.

Everybody needs a good night’s sleep so today we’re pledging to learn more about these conditions, the specific sleep issues associated with them and where we might be able to help.

If this interests or affects you then you might like to know about a couple organisations which are dedicated to improving the sleep of children with additional needs.

Sleep Scotland

Based in Edinburgh, this charity provides support to families of children and young people with additional support needs and severe sleep problems. It also operates dozens of sleep clinics across Scotland.

Website http://www.sleepscotland.org

Telephone 0131 651 1392

Sleep Solutions

Backed by Scope, this project aims to take some of the expertise developed in Scotland and make it available to families of children with additional needs in England. They organise sleep clinics in many English cities and have connections with the University of Southampton sleep centre and Sheffield Childrens Hospital.

Website http://www.face2facenetwork.org.uk/SleepSolutions.htm

Telephone 01432 355308