Downloads for your laptop, tablet, computer or personal digital audio player.

Today we’re introducing a new way to get the soothing effect of little sleepyhead recordings.

Following requests from customers in the UK and around the world we’ve produced a selection of high-quality familiar household sounds as downloadable mp3 audio files.

Our new audio mp3s are simple to use and virtually instant to download.

Each mp3 file contains a continuous 30 minute recording of a proven, effective household sound.

Whether your baby prefers the dishwasher, the tumble dryer (like George) or the fan heater you can choose just the sounds you want and receive your downloadable files within minutes. Download today and be sleeping better tonight.

The high-quality mp3 files will play on a laptop, a tablet such as the iPad, a desktop computer and any mp3 digital audio player like an iPod, iPhone or Zune. You can even loop them for continuously soothing all-night background sound.

Loudspeakers are best

If you have a docking station for your mp3 player then you’ll enjoy the full richness of our digital recordings from its loudspeakers. We recommend using good quality loudspeakers to get the maximum effectiveness from our recordings.

There are six different sounds to choose from at just £2.99 each and each one has been recorded and produced to the same exacting audio standards as our famous and successful CD.

Do try out some of the sounds and let us know how you and your baby get on with them. We always love to hear great stories of success from our customers.

NB – you won’t need us to point this out but, just in case it crossed your mind, never put a mobile phone near a baby’s head and never put headphones or earphones onto a baby. That’s why we always recommend loudspeakers.