David in Wiltshire asked us an interesting question last week:

“I have just purchased a sleepy head cd and would now like to purchase a portable cd player with a repeat play facility (specifically for playing this cd) and wondered if you could recommend one with a good repeat function so that we could leave the player running for a number of hours.”

We have previously had good reports of Sony players so we found this item which matched David’s budget of £50 and, crucially, has a loop facility for both the individual track you prefer or indeed the whole disc.

The other very important consideration when choosing a CD player for white noise is to ensure the loudspeakers can reproduce a wide range of frequencies.

It is the presence of consistent sound energy at low, mid and and high frequencies that helps makes our recordings so effective in masking distractions.

So avoid players with very tiny speakers and no bass port. This Sony unit has what they call a Bass Reflex System which helps add to the richness of the sound and hence the effectiveness of your little sleepy head CDs.

So how did David get on? Well, he writes:

“I have now received this Sony player and have used it in conjunction with your Sleepy Head CD and am very pleased with the result. Most importantly our baby boy (also called George) is perfectly happy with the sound.”

Brilliant. Thanks David, and if you have any questions about getting the best from the little sleepy head CD then we’re all ears… bliss@littlesleepyhead.co.uk