George's story

How one baby boy helped thousands to sleep

Once upon a time, not so long ago, a baby called George had trouble getting to sleep.

The only place he would nod off was beside his Mummy’s tumble dryer.

Poor George. And poor Mummy.

George was stuck in the middle of the kitchen and the tumble dryer was using what seemed like half the energy of a small country.

So Mummy asked her sound recordist friend Stephen to make a recording of the tumble dryer to play to George in his bedroom.

Now George could sleep wherever he went. In his bedroom, in the car, or even when visting his Grandparents.

Soon, other Mums and Dads heard about George’s recording and wanted a copy for their own babies. So the Mums, Dads and babies got together with a local midwife, the Princess Elizabeth Hospital and the National Childbirth Trust.

Together, they tested many different household sounds, discovered which ones worked best and made a CD called little sleepyhead.

And that is why, all over the UK and beyond, thousands of babies go to sleep with soothing sounds from little sleepyhead and why so many Mums and Dads have George to thank for their peaceful nights.