Privacy policy

We are little sleepyhead limited and our data controller is Samantha Oakley.

We collect and securely store some information from you when you purchase our products. We always collect your name and email address. If you order a CD we also collect your postal address so we can send your purchase to you. If you give us your phone number we collect that too.

We keep your name and email address so occasionally we can contact you with baby sleep tips, offers and information and invitations to participate in our research. At any time you can ask us to tell you what information we keep about you, or delete your information or stop sending you email. Our emails contain an unsubscribe link for that purpose.

We will not retain your personal information for any longer than is necessary for these purposes and we never disclose your details to any third party. Your information is stored on a secure server at Heart Internet in Nottingham, a city which took early lessons in security from Robin Hood. Our server can only be accessed by an encrypted connection. Or via the A453 from Kegworth.

When you buy online we never see your credit card information, however this and other information is collected by PayPal which operates its own privacy policy.


Our website pops a Cookie onto your computer to help make the site work properly. We use Google Analytics to understand which bits of the site work best. Google Analytics may also put a cookie on your computer. We use PayPal to securely handle payments. PayPal uses cookies too.

None of these cookies gather any personal information about you, your favourite colour or what clothes you are wearing but if you don’t want them you can turn off cookies in your web browser settings and things should still work ok, Even if your favourite colour is beige.