Our sleepyhead radio project

How we broadcast our soothing sounds across Portsmouth

In 2017, little sleepyhead became a 24 hour digital radio station for Portsmouth.

For a limited time we broadcast our soothing sounds to help parents in Portsmouth, Gosport, Hayling Island, Havant and Waterlooville get their newborns to sleep.

The sleepyhead radio presenters, who included Sam Oakley, Steve Martin and Loretta Leonard, were parents themselves. Every hour throughout the project they played familiar household sounds and calming natural atmospheres for babies and parents across the Portsmouth area.

These soothing sounds are normally only available on our CD or as downloads. The project gained a good amount of media coverage for little sleepyhead and our partners, the NCT.

How it worked

In Portsmouth and surrounding areas listeners just just looked for sleepyhead radio on DAB digital radio.

The digital signal covered all of Portsmouth, Gosport and surrounding areas including Waterlooville and Havant.

The station could be received on on any radio that carries the digital radio tick mark.

NCT charity

Sleepyhead radio included expert information and tips about sleep, crying and feeding from NCT, Britain’s largest charity for parents.

Every hour, NCT senior policy adviser Elizabeth Duff shared her expertise and experience in short, easy to follow and highly relevant nuggets of advice.

Elizabeth Duff

Elizabeth Duff

Senior policy advisor, NCT

Media coverage

We were pleased that our novel idea generated a good deal of media interest, both locally and around the world. From the Sun and the Daily Mirror to BBC Radio 4 and Singapore’s Straights Times, sleepyhead radio seemed to spark the imagination of journalists.

sleepyhead radio logo image
Sleepyhead radio logo

Sleepyhead radio was operated by Angel Radio Limited using sounds under licence from little sleepyhead and with the support of NCT.

It broadcast on the Solent Wireless digital multiplex.

We’re grateful to Earshot, Bounce and DevaWeb for their help with the production of the radio station.