Laughing baby

This is what the internet was invented for. Bookmark this page, and whenever you need your spirits lifted, we’re here to help.


One of the popular pages on our website shows dozens and dozens of beautiful babies sleeping in various cute poses. Now one of our lovely customers has sent us this site which does the same for cats. We’re not going to waste any of our CDs on the cats though. In...

Stoke Bliss

A perfectly-named village for anyone who, like little sleepy head, aims to stoke bliss into your home. In fact we love this place so much that we’re offering a free CD to the first resident of Stoke Bliss, Worcestershire to contact us and claim it.

Helping children with additional needs

Every now and then we’re approached by parents of children with additional needs. We’ve learned that children with cerebral palsy, autism, downs or global developmental delay can have severe problems with sleep and that masking white noise sounds like...

Joanne’s story

Remember the Google search ad fad from a few months ago? Well, we just stumbled upon this video, inspired by a email sent to us by by one of our loveliest customers, Joanne.

Cute pictures of babies

One of the partially “hidden” pages on this website displays a gallery of cute sleeping baby photos. If you haven’t found it yet, it’s here: Enjoy!

Hanging on the telephone

You know we said everything about our new website was working perfectly? Well, we discovered today that voice messages left on our local rate 0845 868 2414 number weren’t reaching us properly. Ooops. We’ve fixed it now* but we’re sorry if you left a...