Download FAQs

Can I download the files onto an iPad?

Yes, there are several ways to do this.

With a computer and iTunes

This is the best approach because it gives you the pretty graphics and text information about each file. It’s also what Apple would want you to do.

1. Download the file onto your computer from the links we send.

2. Import it into iTunes (you can just drag and drop it).

3. Sync your iPad with iTunes.


Directly onto your iPad

This approach is a bit more fiddly but cuts-out the computer altogether by using a download app such as the free and simple xDownload Lite.

If you do it this way the process is:

1. Long-click on the link in our email and Copy the link.

2. Open xDownload Lite.

3. Click Browser (Start to download) in XDownload Lite.

4. Clear the browser address bar and then hold your finger there until the Paste flag appears.

5. Paste the link into the address bar and hit Go. You’ll see the file downloading.

6. Once the file has downloaded, find it in the downloaded file list which you access from the gold Folder icon on the app.

7. Play it at any time directly from this app.