Questions and answers to help you get the most from our soothing sounds

The soothing sounds

How do the sounds work?

Each track on this CD works in two ways.

Firstly, it provides a steady reassuring household sound that is familiar to a baby. Then it continues to mask other sounds in the house that could disturb and wake a child.

This combination of familiarity, consistency and sonic masking is what makes little sleepyhead recordings so effective.

Will my baby really fall asleep?

In all likelihood yes!!

Of course, all babies are different and we could never say every child will fall asleep straight away, but the elated responses from delighted parents over the years shows an impressive success rate.

So what, exactly, do I do with these sounds?

Set the volume at a moderate level – it should be loud enough for your little one to notice it.

Some parents like to turn down the volume once their baby has started to fall asleep. That’s entirely up to you, the idea is to leave the level just loud enough to block out any extraneous background noise that will stir your baby from his or her peaceful slumber.

Will the track ending wake my baby?

We have produced the sounds with very gentle fades at the beginning and end of each track.

This means there is no sudden ‘cut-off’ when the track ends, like someone switching off a fan. The sound blends down gently over a period of 10 seconds or so.

If you use the tracks on loop you will find that they fade down, loop and then fade up again in a very gentle and natural sounding way.

How long are the tracks?

Each track on the CD is eighteen minutes long. That’s long enough, we’ve found, to settle even a stubborn child and it means we can put four different sounds on the CD.

If you buy our downloads, you’ll find they run for thirty minutes each.

Couldn't I just let my baby listen to real sounds rather than buy yours?

Our recordings have been carefully edited to ensure a consistently smooth and uniform sound with no loud jumps or surprises which could wake your baby.

Just as important is the portability factor. You can play our sounds wherever you want, at what ever time, and at the level that suits your baby.

How do I use the sounds with my baby?

Settle your baby as normal in his or her pram, seat or cot and then pick a track from the CD. The CD does not need to be played loudly, so long as it masks other distracting sounds around the house.

As a rough guide the sound should fill the room but still let you hold a conversation there without raising your voice.

I'm playing the sounds but my baby still won't sleep.

If you don’t find your baby nodding off after about half an hour leave it and try another time.

We’ve found that it can take some babies a few times to get used to the sounds and sometimes they settle more readily to one or two particular tracks. It’s as if they have their favourites.

It’s a good idea to try all the tracks over a period of time to determine which your baby prefers.

Beyond babies

Do the sounds work for adults too?

We developed the sounds for babies and are surprised at the number of CDs and downloads bought by adults.

Many adult customers have written to us to say how effective they find the sounds, especially to help mask disturbing sounds from neighbours and traffic which can make it difficult to sleep.

Although it was never our intention, we are pleased that we’ve been able to help so many adults sleep in this way.

My child is 3 - will it work for her?

Although we created the CD for babies we regularly hear from customers who use them for older children, as adults or even for their pets!

We recommend you try each sound on the CD a number of times to work out which one is most effective for you.


How can I pay?
We take all major credit and debit cards or payment from a PayPal account.
How do I know my payment is secure?
Yes. We use PayPal to administer all payments, whether from a PayPal account or a debit or credit card.

When you pay for a little sleepyhead CD or download the transaction is conducted on PayPal’s own infrastructure and website which is secured with SSL encryption. Your browser bar will confirm this with a green marker.

You enter your card information into PayPal’s secure portal and we never see it.

PayPal then notifies us of your purchase and we organise delivery of your CD or downloads.

I can't see how to pay with a card on the PayPal page
PayPal tries to encourage you to sign up for a PayPal account, but that isn’t necessary.

When you go through to the PayPal site, look for the grey bar that says “Check Out as Guest” and click that. You’ll be presented with a secure form in which you can add your debit or credit card details.

How will I recognise the payment on my bank statement?
Your transaction to us will be shown as LITTLESLEEPY on most bank statements.


How quickly will my CD arrive?
We always aim to deliver CDs within seven days of your order within the UK.

That’s seven nappy-changing, dribbly-mouth, bouncing up and down days, not seven working days. And often it’s lots faster.

Our CDs are sent by Royal Mail first class. Occasionally, orders for locations outside the UK can take a little longer.

I'm desperate! Can you send the CD any quicker?
If you’re desperate (oh yes, we know what that’s like) then drop us a line or give us a call and we’ll aim to speed your CD into the post in double-quick time.

Usually, this involves one of us packing the CD by hand, scribbling your address on the packet, jumping on a bicycle and peddling like made to the nearest Post Office. This does us good so don’t feel guilty to ask.


How to download with a computer and iTunes
Using iTunes is the best way to download our sounds to an Apple device because it gives you the pretty graphics and text information about each file. It’s also how Apple would recommend you do it.


1. Download the file onto your computer from the links we send.

2. Import it into iTunes (you can drag and drop).

3. Sync your device (iPad, iPhone or iPod) with iTunes.

How to download directly to an iPad
There are several apps that let you do this, such as the free and simple xDownload Lite.



If you do with an app like this the process is:

1. Long-click (hold) on the link in our email and Copy the link.

2. Open xDownload Lite.

3. Click Browser (Start to download) in XDownload Lite.

4. Clear the browser address bar and then hold your finger there until the Paste flag appears.

5. Paste the link into the address bar and hit Go. You’ll see the file downloading.

6. Once the file has downloaded, find it in the downloaded file list which you access from the gold Folder icon on the app.

7. Play it at any time directly from this app.

Can I play your sounds on a Bluetooth speaker?
Yes. It’s an excellent way to enjoy our downloads because a good Bluetooth speaker reproduces a much wider range of the audible frequency spectrum than the speaker on a tablet, phone or laptop can achieve.



  1. Download the file you want to play from the links we send via email when you buy.
  2. Pair your phone, tablet or computer to the speaker with Bluetooth.
  3. Enjoy our sounds.
How do I get the audio files?
When you buy any of our downloads we send you an email containing links to the audio files in mp3 format.

You can download these files and keep them forever. The files can be played on any device and they never expire.

What do I do if the MP3 file won’t play?

Don’t worry, If you have any problems at all, please feel free to get in touch with us.



Is it safe to put headphones on a baby?

No. Never put headphones on a baby. This is dangerous.

With headphones you cannot know how loud is the audio they’re hearing and the connecting cord could present a strangle risk.

A good quality loudspeaker connected to your device with Bluetooth is a good way to play the sounds if you’ve downloaded mp3s from us. You can buy a range of good, solid CD players from a local electrical store, Amazon or a department store like John Lewis if you’re using our disc.

Do you do an online app for mobile phone?

We don’t produce an app because some scientific reports have suggested it is potentially dangerous to put a mobile phone near a baby’s head. We don’t wish to encourage that behaviour.

We recommend downloading our sounds onto your device and then using it offline, connected by Bluetooth to a good quality speaker.


NHS professionals

Can I buy with an NHS purchase order?
Yes. NHS patients and midwives at the Princess Elizabeth hospital in Guernsey worked with us when we started little sleepyhead and we’re immensely proud that our soothing sounds are used by NHS professionals.

Whether you’re a midwife or a procurement officer, just get in touch with us to find out about our special arrangements and discounted rates for deliveries of our CDs to Trusts and other parts of the NHS.

Do you do a discount for NHS staff?
Yes. If you buy a number of CDs together we can organise a special NHS quantity discount. Just get in touch with your requirements.